Alro Steel was established in 1948 by Al and Robert Glick and has grown to include Alro Plastics, Alro Industrial Supply and Alro Metals Outlet.

Carbon Steel Structural - Angle, Beam, Channel, Tee

Carbon Steel Structural - Angle, Beam, Channel, Tee

Alro stocks carbon steel structural in angle, beam, channel and tee shapes.  Structural steel shapes are ideal for construction. The variety of shapes available include angles, beams, channels and tees. Structural shapes can come in many materials, carbon steel is a good choice for when your project requires a high strength material and low-luster isn’t a concern.

Alro stocks ASTM A992 (A572 Grade 50) dual certified.  A992 is the most commonly used beam in construction. It is a structural steel containing small additions of vanadium or columbium, copper, nickel, chrome, and molybdenum, which provide A992 with better material definition. In most cases it can be dual certified to A572 grade 50, exhibiting the high strength and improved weight-to-strength found in A572 carbon steel. 

Alro stocks ASTM A-36 carbon hot rolled steel, the most commonly used mild/hot-rolled steel. Its strength, form-ability, and excellent welding properties make A-36 suitable for a large variety of different applications. Yield strength of A-36 (36,000 psi) is less than that of cold roll C1018, thus enabling it to bend more readily than C1018. A36 carbon steel can also be galvanized to provide increased corrosion resistance.

Alro also stocks carbon steel structural products in 1045 beam, A-36 galvanized angle, A-36 P&O angle, A529-50 beam and A992/A572-50 dual grade beam.

Steel is commonly considered carbon steel when no minimum content is specified for any alloying element (for example, aluminum, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.) or any other element added to obtain a desired alloy effect. The manganese does not exceed 1.65%, the specified minimum for copper in not below .40% or exceed .60% and silicon does not exceed .60%.

Carbon levels are divided as follows:

  • low carbon = .06% to .25% carbon content (mild steel)
  • medium carbon = .25% to .55% carbon content (medium steel)
  • high carbon = >.55% to 1.00% carbon content (hard steel)

Carbon grades are available in the following grade series:

  • 10XX = non-resulpherized carbon steel, with manganese 1.00% maximum (for example 1018, 1045 and 1050).
  • 11XX = resulpherized carbon steel (for example 1117, 1141 and 1144).
  • 12XX = rephosphorized and resulpherized carbon steel (for example 12L14 and 1215).

The second two numbers in AISI-SAE designations indicate the approximate carbon content for steel (for example, in 1018 the carbon range is .15% to .20%; .18% [shown as "18"] is the approximate carbon content).

CARBON STEEL - Structural
A-36 Galvanized   
A-36 P&O